About MGL

MGL is a partnership between Dubit and a fund called Meta Ventures who are investing £5m to create this first eSports league for the Metaverse. Meta Ventures has been set up by Matthew Warneford, who founded Dubit at 18, and Jean-Charles Capelli, a French investor, real-estate tycoon, and passionate gamer.

Dubit is a games and app developer set up by Matthew and his friends (all under 18). We launched the first virtual world twenty years ago (five years before Roblox) and grew that to millions of players.

Today Dubit is a team of 70, we've worked with LEGO, Disney, Facebook, Google and others to develop and run #1 games and worlds.

With MGL we want to go back to our roots. Because now - just like when we started out - it is young people who are creating some of the most popular games, in places like Roblox, Minecraft and Core. We want to celebrate those games in the Metaverse, and bring along our network of global brands to sponsor tournaments and reward the players and fans who make it great.

If you want to know more about Dubit, then do visit our studio's website at www.dubitlimited.comWe are recruiting Roblox developers all the time, and also have a Roblox Apprentice scheme, so if you want a career doing something you love, do get in touch!